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US-2010245888-A1: Methods and Systems for Rendering Data patent, US-2011119738-A1: Identity management for transactional content patent, US-2011253379-A1: Method for modifying an existing subsea arranged oil production well, and a thus modified oil production well patent, US-2013142512-A1: Self-Seeded Colorless Burst-Mode Transmitter Using Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier and Injection-Locked Fabry-Perot Laser patent, US-2014165608-A1: Device and method for supporting a person patent, US-2013075902-A1: Semiconductor Device and Method of Forming Conductive Posts Embedded in Photosensitive Encapsulant patent, US-2010275550-A1: Fixture set patent, US-2010274837-A1: Systems and methods for updating computer memory and file locations within virtual computing environments patent, US-2010286279-A1: Methods of Synthesis of Certain Hydroxamic Acid Compounds patent, US-2010086944-A1: Methods and Compositions for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Renal Artery Stenosis patent, US-2011139399-A1: Heater unit, heating and cooling device, and apparatus comprising same patent, US-2011158310-A1: Decoding data using lookup tables patent, US-2011237557-A1: Diastereomers of 2-methylene-19-nor-22-methyl-1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 patent, US-2009326599-A1: Calibration of impedance monitoring of respiratory volumes using thoracic d.c. impedance patent, US-2010103310-A1: Flicker band automated detection system and method patent, US-2011040904-A1: Remotely controllable switch and testing methods using same patent, US-2011180073-A1: Sterilization Device and Method patent, US-2010260855-A1: Delivery of as-oligonucleotide microspheres to induce dendritic cell tolerance for the treatment of autoimmune type 1 diabetes patent, US-2011153266-A1: Augmented vehicle location system patent, US-2013227873-A1: Ice fishing signaling apparatus with fish bite/hooked fish indicator patent, US-2009187-A: Centralized traffic controlling system for railroads patent, US-2009222-A: Abrading element patent, US-2010214525-A1: Image display device patent, US-2010190-A: Apparatus for separating waste goods, particularly incorrectly filled cigarette packes patent, US-2011064766-A1: Attenuated Vaccine Against Fish Pathogen Francisella Sp. patent, US-2011304857-A1: Probing Apparatus with On-Probe Device-Mapping Function patent, US-2011318105-A1: Underwater breakwater for easily attenuating wave energy and method of manufacturing eco-friendly blocks for the same patent, US-2012001010-A1: Apparatus and Method for Applying a Tarp to Trucking Cargo patent, US-2012035815-A1: Hybrid type working machine patent, US-2012058156-A1: Activated leukocyte composition and uses for wound healing patent, US-2012240022-A1: Apparatus and method for circuit design patent, US-2012244143-A1: Drawn silk egel fibers and methods of making same patent, US-2012300336-A1: Magnetic disk drive using a non-volatile storage device as cache for modified tracks patent, US-2012325102-A1: Viscoelasticity of inks for high speeding printing patent, US-2013006215-A1: Fluid dispensing device patent, US-2013021087-A1: Input device with elastic membrane patent, US-2013032369-A1: Method and device for position determination of an object with light source through cameras with optical band-pass filter or light sensors with optical band-pass filter patent, US-2013045993-A1: Inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases and their use patent, US-2013069043-A1: Electro Optic Devices patent, US-2013090427-A1: End-modified diene copolymer having good compatibility with reinforcing silica and preparation method thereof patent, US-2013175798-A1: Systems and methods for producing, shipping, distributing, and storing hydrogen patent, US-2013199203-A1: Linear Detonation Wave Diverter patent, US-2013202197-A1: System and Method for Manipulating Data Having Spatial Co-ordinates patent, US-2013206318-A1: Repair of delaminated plates with piezoelectric materials patent, US-2013233761-A1: Buffer Sheet Facilitating Chuck Adsorption and Taking and Glass Transport Package patent, US-2013237431-A1: Size-based analysis of fetal dna fraction in maternal plasma patent, US-2013251786-A1: Composition and lipid formulation of a hyaluronan-degrading enzyme and the use thereof for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia patent, US-2013264191-A1: Shield mesh for sputtering of a thin film on a substrate patent, US-2013287696-A1: Polyethylene glycolated superoxide dismutase mimetics patent, US-2013302902-A1: Nanofibril materials for highly sensitive and selective sensing of amines patent, US-2013308106-A1: Projection optical system patent, US-2013954-A: Self-opening die-head patent, US-2014004113-A1: Defensin-antigen fusion proteins patent, US-2014038828-A1: Joints with very low resistance between superconducting wires and methods for making such joints patent, US-2014058006-A1: Fire-resistant polyurethane foam patent, US-2014066431-A1: Benzoxazepines as Inhibitors of PI3K/mTOR and Methods of Their Use and Manufacture patent, US-2014121387-A1: High Stability Diionic Liquid Salts patent, US-2014135424-A1: Rubber composition and tire with component comprised of polyisoprene rubber and soybean oil patent, US-2014234352-A1: B7-h3 and b7-h4, novel immunoregulatory molecules patent, US-2014323527-A1: Aryloxy amine compounds and their use as sodium channel modulators patent, US-2015004007-A1: Cyclonic elevator and method for using same patent, US-2010135464-A1: Portable radiographic imaging device and radiographic imaging system patent, US-2011038028-A1: Optical Imaging Lens systems and components patent, US-2011073531-A1: Dynamic equilibrium separation, concentration, and mixing apparatus and methods patent, US-2011183219-A1: Method for Producing Lithium Difluorobis (Oxalato) Phosphate Solution patent, US-2011268611-A1: Liquid-mixing apparatus, chemical testing apparatus, and endoscope processing apparatus patent, US-2012037214-A1: Solar cell module, solar cell attachment stand, photovoltaic power generating system patent, US-2012102384-A1: Product information management and automation patent, US-2012123488-A1: Devices For Tachyarrhythmia Sensing And High-Pass Filter Bypass patent, US-2012141973-A1: Perfusion and/or preservation solution for organs patent, US-2012175570-A1: Tablet for ion plating, production method therefor and transparent conductive film patent, US-2012193370-A1: Molded closure with enhanced lubricant distribution patent, US-2012282395-A1: Doped Carbon Nanotubes and Transparent Conducting Films Containing the Same patent, US-2013017988-A1: Framed Soap And Method For Producing The Same patent, US-2013150387-A1: Substituted amino-quinazolinones, medicaments comprising said compound, their use and their method of manufacture patent, US-2013266712-A1: Pet chew articles and methods of manufacture patent, US-2013277279-A1: Blends of Polypropylene Polyglycol and Phenolic Glycol Ethers and Method of Foam Control Using Such Blend patent, US-2013331920-A1: Implantable indifferent reference electrode pole patent, US-2014312523-A1: Thick rare earth magnet film and low-temperature solidifying and molding method patent, US-2014322178-A1: Expanding hematopoietic stem cells patent, US-2015022949-A1: Connector arranged between two cylindrical energy storage assemblies patent, US-2015032256-A1: Robot system, robot management computer, and method of manufacturing a robot system patent, US-2010038540-A1: Image sensor for detecting wide spectrum and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2010132155-A1: Cleaning appliance patent, US-2010182678-A1: Absorbing layers for the control of transmission, reflection, and absorption patent, US-2010286255-A1: Method for extracting secoisolariciresinol and dihydroquercetin from wood patent, US-2011232827-A1: Method of manufacturing bonded member and bonded member manufacturing apparatus patent, US-2012010283-A1: Modulation of anxiety through blockade of anandamide hydrolysis patent, US-2012024541-A1: Drill Pipe Running Tool patent, US-2012029098-A1: Proton conducting materials patent, US-2012069314-A1: Imaging optics and projection exposure installation for microlithography with an imaging optics of this type patent, US-2012075979-A1: Optical element and objective lens through which a plurality of light beams having different design wavelengths pass patent, US-2012142142-A1: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure patent, US-2012147948-A1: Methods and apparatus for explicit updates for symbol probabilities of an entropy encoder or decoder patent, US-2012247964-A1: Microfluidic control device for measuring glycoslyated hemoglobin, method for manufacturing the same and method for operating the same patent, US-2012250129-A1: Mems mirror device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012276036-A1: Cationic alcohols and uses thereof patent, US-2013174612-A1: Chromium oxide powder patent, US-2013177556-A1: Egfr aptamer inhibitor for use in therapy and diagnosis patent, US-2013180678-A1: Method of preparing a treated article and treated article formed therefrom patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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